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We started the concept of  creating this line of clothing that was protective but also motivational. Like Health Eating Active Life, we wanted a parallel concept of healing and protection. What came to be was more beautiful than we could imagine. Sometimes when things are meant to be this is how it happens. HEAL APPAREL  was born. 


It all started when my younger Italian cousin came to visit after she finished college. During many nights of after dinner conversations, we would walk and talk about  her dreams for the future and the character of the man she would like to marry. She dreamed of a gentle man, humble before God but strong in mind, spirit and determined when it came to loving her. She had met several young men, but none embodied these qualities. We prayed many nights together for her future and for the particular man God had in mind for her.


Adventuring away from Italy, she came to visit us here in Ormond Beach. We decided to take a quick trip to see Miami and all that it had to offer. The five hour drive to MIami was well worth the fun long weekend and her ability to see this vibrant, cultural American city. She captured her American journey on social media, highlighting the places she was visiting. 


Back in Verona, a secret admirer from college took note of her posts and rapidly booked a flight from Verona to Miami only to find once he arrived she was five hours away with her American family, already back in Ormond Beach. Sad and humbled, he returned home but determined to finally take her out, he reached out to her to confess his deep seated attraction to her. She was beside herself with an amazing story almost in disbelief. She was now more than ever excited to return to Verona and go out with him. There in the true city of love, they met  and quickly knew their destiny was to be together forever. 


Of course, I needed to meet him, so Sofia planned a trip back to America with him a year later September of 2020. He was so gentle, so kind, handsome and clearly adored her. Our prayers could not have been more perfectly answered. While spending time with him, he shared with him his work and his family's work. An amazing family from Verona, Italy, who have been dedicated to not just making beautiful clothing, but clothing with a purpose since 1971. 


The fabric of the clothing is made primarily of polypropylene which has numerous qualities. As the family  has worked with this product for years, they are able to make it with varying thickness for the Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall and with amazing textures to give it a quality that is unmatchable. It wicks sweat and is breathable. Polypropylene is bacteriostatic meaning bacteria do not like to attach to it or grow on its surfaces. Which means we use NO FORMALDEHYDE, which many clothing companies add to prevent bacterial growth. 


 We love our clothing and are excited for you to experience all the benefits whether you are at work, home, a night on the town or striving towards your health or HEAL goals.

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