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Brand Story


We started the concept of creating this line of clothing that was protective but also motivational. Like Health Eating Active Life, we wanted a parallel concept of healing and protection. What came to be was more beautiful than we could imagine. Sometimes when things are meant to be this is how it happens. HEAL APPAREL was born. 


It all started when my Italian cousin came to visit after she finished college. During many nights of after dinner conversations, we would walk and talk about her dreams for the future and the character of the man she would like to marry. She dreamed of a gentle man, humble before God but strong in mind, spirit and determined when it came to loving her. She had met several young men, but none embodied these qualities. We prayed many nights together for her future and for the particular man God had in mind for her.


Adventuring away from Italy, she came to visit us here in Ormond Beach. We decided to take her on a quick trip to see Miami and all that it had to offer. The five-hour drive to Miami was well worth the fun long weekend and her ability to see this vibrantly cultural American City. She captured her American journey on social media, highlighting the places she was visiting. 


Back in Verona, a secret admirer from college took note of her online posts and rapidly booked a flight from Verona to Miami only to find, once he arrived, that she was five hours away with her American family, already back in Ormond Beach. Sad and humbled, he returned home to Italy. Determined to finally date her, he reached out to her to confess his deep-seated attraction  and his failed trip. She was beside herself hearing his amazing story and almost in disbelief. She was now more than ever excited to return to Verona and to get acquainted with him. There, in Shakespeare’s City of love,  they met and quickly knew their destiny was to be together forever. 


Of course, I needed to meet him so Sofia planned a trip back to America with him a year later in September of 2020. He was so gentle, kind, handsome and clearly adored her. Our prayers could not have been more perfectly answered. While spending time with him, he shared with us his and his family's work. This amazing family from Verona, Italy, had been dedicated to not just making beautiful clothing, but clothing with a purpose since 1971. 


He explained that the clothing fabric is made primarily of polypropylene which has numerous qualities. As the family had worked with this product for years, they perfected varying thicknesses suitable for spring, summer, winter and fall and developed amazing textures to give it a quality that is unmatched. Furthermore, it wicks sweat, it’s breathable and bacteriostatic, meaning bacteria do not like to attach to it or grow on its surfaces, rendering the use of FORMALDEHYDE, which many clothing companies add to prevent bacterial growth, unnecessary and therefore safer and healthier to wear. 


Well, this is how it all began… from a love connection! We love our HEAL APPAREL clothing line and are excited for you to experience all its benefits whether you are at work, home, out on the town or striving towards your  healthy life goals.






The innovative and dynamic team of designers at Athesis S.r.l company in Verona, Italy, have worked for many years to fine tune the emblematic Italian design and quality into their clothing line and are committed to performance and protection.


One may not think of clothing having the quality and performance, but Athesis’ goal is not only to cover your body but to help you be comfortable, provide flexibility of movement and help you look and feel your best. The challenge is providing good looks while at work, exercising or going out. The Athesis S.r.l clothing company, which encompass the brands NewLand and DryHeat, does just that, while providing many layers of protection and being eco-sustainable.

HEAL APPAREL chooses to purchase primarily polypropylene clothing for the many benefits it provides. The Athesis company has fine-tuned this synthetic DHTECH polypropylene fiber to their specifications; it is 100% made in Italy and carries the amazing benefits and qualities that far surpass their competitors. The fabric is breathable and lightweight, dries very quickly and wicks sweat keeping you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. The soft fibers and the thermoregulatory benefits are why these are incredibly comfortable clothing.  Furthermore, polypropylene is bacteriostatic, bacteria do not like to adhere to it  which helps prevent the odor that is often associated with sports clothing or  any clothing when one is sweating. For athletes in particular, bacteria can set up in the pores causing acne when working out, but as this fabric does not support the growth of bacteria, it decreases this risk of acne and skin infections on the chest and back.

Another advantage of using DHTECH fabric is that it is made in different individual colors so there is no use for dyes.  Most other organic fabrics like wool or cotton have formaldehyde  embedded in them to prevent bacterial growth when shipped or stored. Since DHTECH fibers are synthetic, they are bacteriostatic and do not promote bacterial growth. For this reason, people with sensitive skin can wear these clothes with no reactions to the dyes, or formaldehyde. 


Another amazing quality of DHTECH fabric is its ability to minimize the absorption of water and rain. As it wicks sweat, it does the same for rain, again keeping you dry when sweating and decreases rain absorption. It is not 100% rain repellent but it helps decrease rain absorption which is a great feature when working out.


Finally, DHTECH fabric carries one of the best world-recognized labels for textiles: The OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label. This Indicates and assures that the fibers have been tested for both regulated and non-regulated substances that could be harmful to human health. This testing is both recognized nationally and internationally and criteria for these standards are updated yearly.


HEAL APPAREL is excited about our partnership with Athesis and our ability to bring you another level of health and protection. We know you will love our line as much as we do. 





The prestigious “MADE IN ITALY” Trademark epitomizes quality, elegance and beauty. 

It’s a guarantee that the product s created and manufactured with the upmost standards.


The Italian company Athesis S.r.l. is the amazing manufacturer of the clothes HEAL APPAREL chooses to market. Athesis S.r.l. comprises the brands NewLand and DryHeat of which the Dareggi family is the mastermind. Bruno Dareggi and his wife Marzia Vincenzi have both worked in the knitwear production area for over 30 years. In 2007, Newland came to market, and targeted a more sophisticated and demanding athlete customer base that wanted not only quality, but top of the line technology, innovation, comfort, protection and impeccable style. These qualities are hard to come by but, together with their NewLand family, which includes their children and an amazing team of collaborators, they have achieved this unbeatable excellence which is sought after by top marketers year after year.


As the NewLand brand was already focused on quality, performance, protection and style, Bruno Dareggi and his team of researchers continued to stretch the limits by assessing varying materials and thicknesses to target extreme weather conditions and harsh environments for the human body. The designed DHTECH, which is made of polypropylene, an antibacterial and hypoallergenic man-made fabric of varying thickness and textures to enhance style and comfort for a variety of climates. As N-95 mask are also made of polypropylene and are used to protect you from infecting others and being infected by others. This clothing also made predominantly of polypropylene also provides the same protection for your body.


In addition to this amazing protection benefit, the DHTECH material has been tested in extreme climates for cross-country skiing, skating, cycling, Nordic walking, running, motorbiking, running, sailing, skiing etc. Once again, surpassing the competitors in comfort, performance and style, the Dareggi family launched the DryHeat brand to more completely cover the needs of just about every athlete at every level.


For its quality, protection, sustainability, and ease of maintenance DryHeat clothing is now not only used in sporting areas, but at work and play. Why not look great, feel great and be protected wherever you are? We hope you will try HEAL APPAREL for all your clothing needs.

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